Juliana & Elie | Chic Jewish Winter Wedding at The Roosevelt Hotel, Manhattan, New York

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Decadent, luxurious and hopelessly romantic, Juliana and Elie’s chic winter wedding held at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan last February is utterly sumptuous.

Despite having a very traditional Jewish Orthodox Wedding, they still wanted to play around on the margins, and incorporate as many of their own details into their W-day as they could.

One of the creative elements I  love most is their invitations which Juliana designed herself. She incorporated the most delicious intertwined Hebrew calligraphy and combined it with an english font inspired by Elie’s favourite brand of scotch! Their invitation suite also included a map highlighting milestones in their relationship and had lots of lovely production finishes like a letterpress finish and a wax seal on each envelope.
Roosevelt Hotel NYC wedding exterior

I also love their idea of ‘donation’ favours where in place of traditional favours they made a contribution to a charity close to their hearts, and placed small notes at each plate with…

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What To Wear To A Winter Wedding?

Winter may not be a popular season for a wedding. Choosing the right outfit for a winter wedding can be challenging for this particular reason. Many brides prefer the cooler temperatures over a warm summer wedding. Winter weddings lend themselves to richer, deeper and alternative color schemes, yet it can be tricky to put together the perfect ensemble. Proper attire is determined on the location, style, and time of day. Here are some helpful hints to make sure you are dressed appropriately.

First of all, determine the style of wedding. Is it a black tie affair or a more casual event? For black tie weddings, women are traditionally expected to wear floor length evening gowns, however this rule has relaxed a bit. Formal dresses are still a must, however the length can fall anywhere below the knee. For semi-formal events, the rules are a bit more relaxed. As long as you do not wear white, or your dress is too short that it distracts from the bride, almost anything goes. A jewel toned pantsuit with a closed toe pump is also acceptable.

Winter Wedding Winter Wedding Winter Wedding

Next, ask yourself where the wedding will be. Church wedding attire will be more conservative. If you are wearing a strap less dress, be sure to cover up while in the sanctuary out of respect for the wedding party, church members and family of the bride and groom. Make sure your dress is not too short (the knee-length rule applies here). For weddings not held in a church, the rules loosen up a bit.

Even in winter, many couples do plan their weddings to take place outdoors. The crystalline backdrop of winter is very beautiful for weddings. If the event is outdoors, be sure to wear stockings or tights to make sure you do not get too cold. Or you can wear a floor length gown. Just make sure your skirt is not a flowing one in case the wind picks up. Stick to heavier fabrics like silk satin and brocade. Avoid sleeveless or strap less. Even a small cap sleeve can keep you warmer than no sleeves at all. Long sleeved and three-fourth sleeves may be a better option. Make sure your shoes have a chunky heel. If the ground is soft, you will sink right through if you are wearing stilettos. And keep those toes closed! Your feet will freeze if they are exposed. Keep your color scheme strictly to deep jewel tones. Pale colors are best for weddings in the warmer seasons. Accessorize with a pretty pair of gloves or cashmere winter hat!

Dressing for a winter wedding can be a challenge, but the options are amazing. It is a nice change from the traditional fluffy spring wedding attire to the more grounded and sophisticated style of winter.

Winter Wedding Theme: Christmas Weddings

For numerous couples, Christmas is the ideal time to have a wedding, because most individuals have high spirits and are in a festive mood. You will not want to have your wedding exactly on Christmas Day, because most individuals will want to spend this day with their family; however, you may choose any other weekend in December. For the color palette of your wedding, you do not have to stick to the traditional colors of red and green.

Other options for colors include silver, gold, white, light blue, and lavender. Many brides also choose to have a monochromatic color scheme of white on white. Because it is the Christmas season, the manners in which you can incorporate this into your wedding will be limited only by your imagination. For example, instead of traditional wedding invitations, you might want to consider sending your guests small presents in the mail, with your invitation packaged inside.

Christmas Weddings Winter Wedding Theme Winter Wedding Theme Christmas Weddings

Scrolls tied with ribbons are other popular options for invitations. However, before you begin sending out your invitations or planning other elements of the day, you will need to choose 2-4 colors that will establish your color palette for the event. To keep the over-the-top Christmas decorations and season from becoming overwhelming for your wedding, the attire you choose for your bridesmaids and your groomsmen should be simple. Hair ornaments, bouquets, and ribbons can be used to communicate the Christmas feel when paired with a simple black dress for your bridesmaids.

When it comes to planning the décor for your wedding ceremony and reception, many venues may have their own Christmas decorations up during this season. If so, you will have to work with the venue’s management to blend the décor with your own vision or to have the existing décor removed so that you own may be put up. When you are planning the music for your reception and ceremony, you might want to consider using classic piano arrangements of Christmas songs.

This will convey the holiday spirit, while maintaining a romantic and classic mood. The Christmas spirit can also be conveyed through the use of white poinsettias in the place of traditional flowers. For the children who will be present at your reception, you may wish to have a fully decorated and edible gingerbread house. Because the Christmas theme is inspiring, you will have numerous options to bring out this theme in your wedding.

Winter Wedding Invitations


The graceful branches of a bare tree. Falling snowflakes. Late winter crocuses. A snow-covered gate. There’s virtually no limit to the design images you might choose for a winter marriage invitation. Check out these possibilities:

Just because you’re using winter wedding invitations doesn’t mean you need to ditch floral themes. Bold red amaryllis, graceful lilies and crisp white roses are all ideal designs for winter ceremonies. If your ceremony is during the Christmas holiday, holly or poinsettias can also set the stage for your guests.

Holiday flowers aren’t the only designs you could consider for a Christmas marriage invitation. Other motif ideas include ornaments, Christmas trees, candy canes and stars. Online wedding invite specialists offer bold, modern versions of these images as well as casual, and sometimes, comical versions.
winter wedding invitations
To personalize your winter wedding invitations, add a photo of you and your loved one. It could be a playful photo of the two of you in a snowball battle or a romantic picture of you and your future spouse walking along a snow-covered path hand in hand. Adding personal photos into your marriage invitation is easy by shopping on wedding invite sites. It doesn’t take a tech genius to add photos to the stationery either. Simply upload the files to the website. If you run into trouble, contact the company’s customer service team for help.

For a marriage invitation that gets guests talking, order paper die-cut into the shape of a snowflake. One style of winter wedding invitations comes as a set of three die-cut snowflakes linked together with white ribbon: the first snowflake is printed with the names of you and your future spouse; the second snowflake is printed with the invitation wording; the final snowflake has the reception information.

From festive and fun to refined and romantic, you’ll be able to find winter wedding invitations that get guests in the mood.

Planning a Winter Wedding – some tips for you

Winter weddings are glamorous and dramatic and different from the traditional June wedding. Planning a winter wedding takes creativity and patience, since it isn’t as common and the weather becomes a large issue. Follow the steps to learn how to plan your own romantic winter wedding.

winter wedding color

Plan Your Look and Choose Colors

  • 1

    Choose jewel and ice tones for great winter wedding colors-sapphire blue, ice blue, purple, silver and white-along with traditional red, green and navy.

  • 2

    Wear diamond or pearl jewelry, classic for winter because of the resemblance to ice and snow.

  • Look for an elegant and fun wrap or shawl to keep you warm for outdoor photos since most wedding dresses are sleeveless or strapless. This is also a great way to add some color.

  • 4

    Give bridesmaids similar wraps or shawls in white or muted color. Add white fur accents to dresses to give a traditional winter touch.

  • 5

    Use flowers that are in season, such as roses, lilies and holly branches, or be willing to pay a lot more to ship in other flowers. Think about adding ornamental berries or silver accents to your bouquet.

Plan Your Wedding and Reception

winter Wedding and Reception

  • 6

    Send winter/ice/snow themed invitations. You can pay to have a company print them for you or make your own using store-bought stationary. If your wedding is a theme wedding, such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day, use that as your invitation theme to tie everything together.

  • 7

    Have the wedding and reception, if not in a church, in an inn with a fireplace or a historic cottage or bed and breakfast. Make sure heat is available.

  • 8

    Keep decorations simple. Many places will already be decorated for the holiday season, so you may be able to save some money by using those decorations in your wedding. Consider poinsettias, candles or cranberries as centerpieces. Think about hiring an artisan to create an ice sculpture.

  • 9

    Serve cake with icicles or snowflakes or use a snow globe cake topper. Consider serving apple cider, hot chocolate or eggnog at the reception.

  • 10

    Give holiday ornaments, snow globes or cookie cutters with cookie recipes attached as wedding favors. Also think about giving coffee mugs and candles in scents such as Cinnamon Apple, Pumpkin Pie and Vanilla.

  • 11

    Hand out mini bells to ring as the bride and groom leave the wedding or reception. Have a horse and carriage waiting for another traditional addition.

Bridal Hairstyles For A Beautiful Winter Wedding

Many people choose to have their weddings in spring or early summer and the most popular month to tie the knot is June. That being said, many people do choose to marry in winter despite the weather. However, sometimes it can be harder to look your best during the winter months. The chances are you won’t have much of a tan anymore and for some of us the cold weather and central heating can cause skin and hair to become dry. Therefore, if you are planning a winter wedding you need to start your hair and beauty regime now.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. Extra moisturisation can keep hair and skin looking good during the winter months and ensure that you look radiant on your big day. If you are planning a winter wedding and looking for the perfect hairstyle, here are some ideas and inspiration.

winter wedding hairstyle
If you have fine, short hair, the cold winter air can cause static for fine hair. In order to keep your hair neat try a sleek wedding hairstyle. This is achieved by parting the hair on the side and using a little styling gel on slightly damp hair to lock it in place. Use your fingers to gently style hair away from the face. If needed, gently spray with hairspray. To make this look a little more interesting try adding a pretty flower comb or a sparkly barrette to compliment your gown.

Long hair can also suffer from dryness and static in the winter chill. The best way to avoid any hair disasters is to opt for a coifed, wavy winter wedding hairstyle. Make sure your hair is freshly washed and divide it into sections, curling each section gently with a curling iron. Use your fingers to separate the curls and finish with hair spray to keep your style in place. If your hair is really straight then try using a curling mousse before drying.

A winter wedding is a great occasion to do something unique with your hair style. The winter weather means that you can opt for more elaborate wedding fashions and experiment with rich and different colours. Try accessorising with feathers or an intricately designed barrette to really lift your wedding style.
Bridal Hairstyles for a Themed Wedding
Shiny accessories such as crystals or pearls go perfectly with a wintry setting, especially if you are looking to create a winter wonderland effect. Adorn your hair with delicate crystals or pearl hair accessories that will look beautiful sparkling in the light. Simply attach pearl beads to ordinary grips for a beautiful winter wedding hair style. This can work with an updo or a loose style.

Whatever wedding hairstyle you opt for, make sure you are completely happy with it and you are sure to dazzle at your winter wedding day!