Winter Wedding Theme: Christmas Weddings

For numerous couples, Christmas is the ideal time to have a wedding, because most individuals have high spirits and are in a festive mood. You will not want to have your wedding exactly on Christmas Day, because most individuals will want to spend this day with their family; however, you may choose any other weekend in December. For the color palette of your wedding, you do not have to stick to the traditional colors of red and green.

Other options for colors include silver, gold, white, light blue, and lavender. Many brides also choose to have a monochromatic color scheme of white on white. Because it is the Christmas season, the manners in which you can incorporate this into your wedding will be limited only by your imagination. For example, instead of traditional wedding invitations, you might want to consider sending your guests small presents in the mail, with your invitation packaged inside.

Christmas Weddings Winter Wedding Theme Winter Wedding Theme Christmas Weddings

Scrolls tied with ribbons are other popular options for invitations. However, before you begin sending out your invitations or planning other elements of the day, you will need to choose 2-4 colors that will establish your color palette for the event. To keep the over-the-top Christmas decorations and season from becoming overwhelming for your wedding, the attire you choose for your bridesmaids and your groomsmen should be simple. Hair ornaments, bouquets, and ribbons can be used to communicate the Christmas feel when paired with a simple black dress for your bridesmaids.

When it comes to planning the décor for your wedding ceremony and reception, many venues may have their own Christmas decorations up during this season. If so, you will have to work with the venue’s management to blend the décor with your own vision or to have the existing décor removed so that you own may be put up. When you are planning the music for your reception and ceremony, you might want to consider using classic piano arrangements of Christmas songs.

This will convey the holiday spirit, while maintaining a romantic and classic mood. The Christmas spirit can also be conveyed through the use of white poinsettias in the place of traditional flowers. For the children who will be present at your reception, you may wish to have a fully decorated and edible gingerbread house. Because the Christmas theme is inspiring, you will have numerous options to bring out this theme in your wedding.