What To Wear To A Winter Wedding?

Winter may not be a popular season for a wedding. Choosing the right outfit for a winter wedding can be challenging for this particular reason. Many brides prefer the cooler temperatures over a warm summer wedding. Winter weddings lend themselves to richer, deeper and alternative color schemes, yet it can be tricky to put together the perfect ensemble. Proper attire is determined on the location, style, and time of day. Here are some helpful hints to make sure you are dressed appropriately.

First of all, determine the style of wedding. Is it a black tie affair or a more casual event? For black tie weddings, women are traditionally expected to wear floor length evening gowns, however this rule has relaxed a bit. Formal dresses are still a must, however the length can fall anywhere below the knee. For semi-formal events, the rules are a bit more relaxed. As long as you do not wear white, or your dress is too short that it distracts from the bride, almost anything goes. A jewel toned pantsuit with a closed toe pump is also acceptable.

Winter Wedding Winter Wedding Winter Wedding

Next, ask yourself where the wedding will be. Church wedding attire will be more conservative. If you are wearing a strap less dress, be sure to cover up while in the sanctuary out of respect for the wedding party, church members and family of the bride and groom. Make sure your dress is not too short (the knee-length rule applies here). For weddings not held in a church, the rules loosen up a bit.

Even in winter, many couples do plan their weddings to take place outdoors. The crystalline backdrop of winter is very beautiful for weddings. If the event is outdoors, be sure to wear stockings or tights to make sure you do not get too cold. Or you can wear a floor length gown. Just make sure your skirt is not a flowing one in case the wind picks up. Stick to heavier fabrics like silk satin and brocade. Avoid sleeveless or strap less. Even a small cap sleeve can keep you warmer than no sleeves at all. Long sleeved and three-fourth sleeves may be a better option. Make sure your shoes have a chunky heel. If the ground is soft, you will sink right through if you are wearing stilettos. And keep those toes closed! Your feet will freeze if they are exposed. Keep your color scheme strictly to deep jewel tones. Pale colors are best for weddings in the warmer seasons. Accessorize with a pretty pair of gloves or cashmere winter hat!

Dressing for a winter wedding can be a challenge, but the options are amazing. It is a nice change from the traditional fluffy spring wedding attire to the more grounded and sophisticated style of winter.